Can my cracked windscreen be repaired?

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Driving with a cracked windscreen not only impairs your vision, it’s dangerous, and depending on the extent and position of the crack, your vehicle could fail its MOT or you could receive a motoring offence if you’re pulled over.

If your vehicle windscreen has suffered impact or stone damage, we will assess the damage and give you expert advice on the best solution for your vehicle. Where a repair is viable, we’ll repair it. 

In some cases, a replacement is essential and you will need a complete replacement windscreen.

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When can't my windscreen chip be repaired?

As mentioned above, in some cases a repair isn’t possible or advisable.  Let’s look at 4 reasons why your windscreen glass may need to be replaced, rather than repaired.

contaminated chip


In some cases, an old stone chip can become contaminated with road dirt, rain water, etc., meaning a clean and professional repair is unable to be carried out.

chip too big

The chip is too big

Please refer to the guide above which shows the sizes of repairable chips dependent on their position.  

multiple chips

There are multiple chips

Every chip weakens the overall strength of the glass. If there are too many chips present, then a replacement would be recommended.
drivers side windscreen smash

position of the Chip

If the chip is too close to the edge of the windscreen, directly in front of the driver’s view, or covering a sensor or camera, then a replacement is recommended.

In any of these cases, our technician will advise you and be prepared to carry out a replacement right away.

What can I do to avoid needing a replacement windscreen?

In most cases, a cracked windscreen is caused by stone damage and is unavoidable, but there are some situations you can avoid. Our technicians are highly trained using the Esprit repair system with its resins and materials. A repair usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete, will restore the glass strength, and make your windscreen look almost as good as new.

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Do not use hot water to de-ice your windscreen

When the whether turns cold, avoid pouring hot or boiling water on your window glass to de-ice your vehicle as sudden temperature changes can crack glass.


Check your windscreen regularly

It’s important to spot chips and cracks early. At the first signs of a chip or crack, get it inspected and repaired by an expert.

No need to feel stressed if you need a replacement

We will take care of the replacement for you and in many cases, we can deal directly with your insurance or fleet company, saving you time.

Our technicians are highly trained in using the latest technology and equipment to NVQ level 2/3 standards.

All our vans are fully equipped and well stocked to carry out quality replacements on site.


Free assessment and advice

You don’t need to wait in for us to come out to complete an assessment.  In most cases, you can send us a photograph and provide some basic measurements.  A full pre-inspection will be carried out on our visit to double check whether a repair or replacement is the right solution.

A1 Autoglaze maintain our fleet of prestige cars, 4x4's and commercial vehicles. We've had outstanding service from day one and have every faith that making the call to A1 results in the job being completed effectively. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with their team.
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From my first phone call, Ben and his team put me at ease that my van windscreen would be fitted within a day or two. Their service is great and they gave me an exact time the fitter would arrive and that's exactly what happened. I can't recommend these guys enough.
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